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I was reading neven-ebrez​’s wonderful ep 2 meta, and there was this bit:

This is kinda like how Edlund tried to re[t]con [Dean and Cas’ relationship as romantic] in 8x05 by having Dean tell Benny that rebelling against your kind for one person was something out of a romance novel.


(caps from homeofthenutty)

And I nearly flailed myself out of my chair; I’d forgotten about that line.  Because Stairway to Heaven.  (I’m sure somebody’s already meta’d on this, but I don’t remember seeing anything, so here we go again.)

In “Blood Brother,” Benny is telling Dean about Andrea and how she was supposed to be a mark for his nest to feed on, and there’s this exchange:

BENNY:  I always did what was best for the nest.  ’Til I met her.  Andrea.  Andrea Kormos. [wistful smile] Beautiful. I mean, words don’t even cut it, you know?

DEAN: [looks thoughtful]

BENNY:  Greek.  Heiress.

DEAN:  Come on.

BENNY:  She was sailing a 42-foot sloop to the Canary Islands.  Now, I shoulda called her boat’s destination in to my crew, but instead, I joined her on it.

DEAN: Seriously?

BENNY: [looks thoughtful. and sad.]

DEAN:  Was Fabio on the cover of that paperback?

I know somebody mentioned, when the episode aired, who Fabio is, but just to remind you, in the ’80s and early 90’s, Fabio was on the cover of a great many paperback romance novels.  You’ll recognize his face, even if you never saw any of those covers, because he was also on the cover of a fictional work of fiction:


So here we have Dean, poking fun at Benny a little by comparing Benny and Andrea’s story to a paperback romance novel.  Benny, who defied his nest (his family) and refused to kill Andrea, and then abandoned his nest to be with her.

I know people have pointed out the parallel with Cas and Dean in “Stairway to Heaven,” but Y’ALL.


We’re not the only ones who marked that parallel as romantic.  Dean himself connected defying your family and giving them up for one person to a romantic relationship. And he was very clear about understanding that by defying Rachel’s demand that he kill Dean, Cas had given up an army of his brothers and sisters for one guy.  And then Cas went away with that one guy and abandoned his brothers and sisters, a circumstance that Dean had previously associated with a romance.

In “Goodbye Stranger,” Dean amended his, “We need you,” to, “I need you,” because he thought his need would be more important to Cas than Sam and Dean’s joint need.  That’s the only reason to make that kind of amendment, really.  So he clearly felt that there was some kind of qualitative difference in Cas’ feelings for Sam and his feelings for Dean.  ”Stairway to Heaven” proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that Cas’ love for Dean, whatever kind of love it is*, is stronger than his concern and love for his brother and sister angels.

I think that if Dean didn’t realize in that moment that Cas loved him, it was because it was too huge and terrifying for him to grasp that someone besides Sam could love him that much, and he just couldn’t look square at it and see it for what it was (because Dean doesn’t believe he deserves that kind of love, does he?), and his brain did the same thing it did when he got out of Purgatory—rewrote the story to something he could deal with.  

Not that he had much time to process it anyway, what with Gadreel popping in and him losing his shit and then that whole dying and becoming a demon business…  (I don’t know about you, but I’m kinda terrified/hopeful that demon!Dean’s thought about it since.)

But the thing is, Show has set up the credible possibility for Dean to recognize and acknowledge that Cas’ actions, like Benny’s, indicate a romantic rather than brotherly or comrades-in-arms** relationship in a way that can’t be glossed over or ignored, should they choose to exercise that option.

Guys, that brick foundation I talked about is up to chin high now—Jared’s chin.


*  Not sayin’ Cas is in love with Dean humanity, but…


**  Yeah, Jensen, right, whatever, dude, Dean knows a lot more than you think he knows.

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